My Reflections on Mother’s Day

The day is 10th May, 2020; I wake up some minutes to 9 am only to find my timeline flooded with status updates bearing celebratory messages to our Mothers. It's

Grace and freedom

I hear a lot of talks and debates about grace. Some of them coming from a point of justifying one’s misdeeds while others come from a place of self-righteousness. These

The Gospel Message: A Holy and Loving God

The Gospel is the wonderful message of how Jesus left his kingly glory and “did not consider equality with God something to be guarded…” (Philippians 2:6) but entered into his

Christ is the True Moses

“We are no longer under the law” is an all-too-common big statements in Christian circles thrown haphazardly from the fiery pulpits by 'radicals' authoritatively! End of story; or if you

I Rest in Peace

‘Rest in peace’ is phrase we are too quick to type or say in the event of a bereavement. So, why and where are the dead resting in peace? You

Still Winning Souls For Christ?

This is a bit of a cliché statement especially in our religious circles. Every other time a group of Christians head out in obedience of ‘Go Yee’ to a “mission”