EXPLORE the Bible

Explore Correspondence Course is a biblical and theological course owned and managed by George Whitefield College (GWC) in Cape Town, South Africa. According to the institution, it aims to deepen Christians’ knowledge of God and his plan for the world, enabling them to serve him better with a deeper understanding of the Bible and theology; and to teach and share the gospel in either their local church or workplace. The purpose of EXPLORE is to extend the reach of GWC’s reformed theological education on the African continent through relevant and accessible study material.

GospelLife has partnered with GWC to offer EXPLORE as a foundational discipleship program for all our members. Currently, 17 students are on the program. These are finishing and graduating in November 2019 with a new cohort starting in January 2020. Through GospelLife, Explore has also been launched in a few other places and students are continuing to grow in the knowledge of God.

EXPLORE Course is made up of 8 EXPLORE modules, designed to actively engage students in their personal study of God’s Word, through investigative exercises and focused Bible readings. The program runs every fortnight in our Church Hall (Sunday, 9am).

Explore Modules
1. EXPLORE the Bible: An overview of the Bible and introduction to Biblical Theology.
2. EXPLORE the Life of Jesus: The human life and ministry of the one God sent to save the world and be its king forever.
3. EXPLORE the Work of the Apostles: The growth of Christianity in the first century from the day of Pentecost.
4. EXPLORE the World’s Creator: The nature and character of the God who made the universe.
5. EXPLORE the Books of Moses: A journey through the Old Testament that lays the foundations for all that follows in the Bible.
6. EXPLORE the Prophets: The content and major themes of Old Testament Prophetic Literature.
7. EXPLORE Salvation: God’s plan to save the world, focusing on the person and work of Christ.
8. EXPLORE the Christian Life (Ephesians): The path of the Christian life from the counsels of God in eternity.

To join the new cohort coming up in January 2020 please register with Peter Gitau. +254 707471185.

GospelLife is ready to partner with other Churches or interested groups and get them started on this great and resourceful program for discipleship. To directly in touch with George Whitefield College click here.