Our Values

Gospel | Community | Missional | Movement

At GospelLife we are marked by our devotion to the Gospel about Jesus Christ, the Community of God’s people and Mission of God to the world. We are radically informed and shaped by the word of God. We believe that God rules and governs the church, and so the world, by his word, the gospel – which primary concerns his Son, Jesus Christ. We also believe that whenever and wherever the Gospel is faithfully proclaimed and lived out it forms a community of like-minded, spirit-filled and gospel-focused community (the church).

The church is therefore a counter-cultural family of God on the earth. It is God’s wisdom and agent of the kingdom in a dark world haunted by evil powers and principalities. We believe in the mission of God, our Father. Heaven and Earth were created for a purpose. Humans were created for a mission within that purpose. We are therefore missional. We have adopted a posture, thinking, behaviours, and practices of a missionary in order to engage others, near and wide, with the message, attitude and actions of the kingdom of God.