Freedom from the shackles,
That limit our lives and minds from progress
That erode true identity and install counterfeit
That corrupt our purpose and position 
That seeks to make self the centre
Which liberate thoughts and loosen holds on old beliefs
Which brings sonship as the only truth
Which says around Christ everything revolve
Which strangles selfishness, and makes Christ the core.
Freedom from the jails,
Of money and material wealth
Of  greed and possessiveness,
Of the haves and the have-nots 
Of whispers that we need more than we have
Of hunger of power and control
Of  dancing with evil to climb the ladder
In which material is immaterial
In which relationship with property is loose
In which we trust God with our needs
In which wealth is used to love people
In which we are contended with all Jesus is to us 
Freedom from the snares,
That entangle us with traditions  
That ties us with curses and said words
That calls for practices which thirst for blood
That lie abandonment of culture is taboo.
That causes differentiation by ethnicity
That claims ownership by tribe
To know that we no longer have a debt
To know only God has control over our life
To know the blood of Christ is enough
To know only to the father we belong
And freedom,
That tighten our relationship with people,
That knows family without blood ties
To love and be loved 
To be one heart, one soul
To be the other and yet one.


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  • Kennedy Mukono
    Posted October 23, 2020 2:16 pm 0Likes

    This is a nice piece of poetry addressing core principles of christianity.

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